2012-2013 Academic Catalog 
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2012-2013 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Board of Trustees, Cabinet and Faculty

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The University was founded in 1898 by the Society of Friends (better known as the Quakers) who operated the University until the 1930s. Governance of the institution was then turned over to an independent Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees

Dr. T.J. Arant   Wichita
Eldon Alexander   Garden City
Craig Bay   Wichita
Marilyn Brown, LCMFT   Overland Park
Bruce Burnett   Derby
Pam Chambers   Great Bend
Shelly Prichard   Wichita
Ardith Dunn   Moscow
Rick Fitzgerald   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Duane Hansen   Wichita
Kelly Linnens   Hillsboro
Dr. Cliffton Loesch   Wichita
Rodney Pitts   Cheney
Ed Roberts   Overland Park
Dr. Becky Twietmeyer   Wichita
John Weber   Wichita
Mike Wilson   Wichita
Trustees Emeritus    
Carl W. Sebits   Cheney
Executive Committee
Dr. T.J. Arant, President
Rodney Pitts, Chair
Kelly Linnens, Vice Chair
Clifford Loesch, Treasurer
John Weber, Secretary
Ardith Dunn
Bruce Burnett

President’s Cabinet

T.J. Arant, President, Professor of English
  B.A., Vanderbilt University; M.A., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., Duke University
Randall C. Doerksen, Vice President of Administration and Finance
  B.S., EMBA, Friends University.
Janet Eubank, Faculty Senate Chair, Assistant Professor of Education
  B.A., Wichita State University; M.A., Friends University.
Dona Gibson, Dean of the Graduate School (Interim)
  B.S., Friends University; M.Ed., Wichita State University; Ph.D., Kansas State University.
Heidi Hoskinson, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs, University Registrar
  B.A., Fort Lewis College; M.S., Central Connecticut State University.
Jo Lobertini, Dean of College of Adult and Professional Studies, Assistant Professor of Cross-Disciplinary Studies
  B.A., University of Tennessee, M.A., Ed.D. East Tennessee State University
Tracy Muirhead, Vice President of Institutional Advancement
  B.A., University of Missouri-Columbia
Carole Obermeyer, Vice President of Student Affairs
   B.S., Peru State College; M.Ed., University of Missouri-Columbia; Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia.
Hilary Peguero, Topeka Education Center Director
  B.A., Kansas State University; M.S. Friends University.
Steven Peters, Dean of the College of Business, Arts, Sciences, and Education, Professor of Theatre
  B.A. Ouachita Baptist University; M.A., Baylor University; Ph.D., Texas Tech University
Steven Klein, Vice President of Enrollment Management
  B.A., California State University-Long Beach; M.P.A., California State University-Long Beach
Kelley Williams, Associate Vice President, Administration and Finance; Director of Human Resources
  B.A., Midwestern State University; EMBA, Friends University.
Darcy Zabel, Vice President of Academic Affairs (interim), Professor of English
  B.A., Mount Holyoke College; M.A., University of Connecticut; Ph.D., University of Connecticut.
Joe Zimmerman, Director of Athletics
  B.S., Friends University.

Teaching Faculty

William (Bill) N. Allan, Associate Professor of Family Life; Chair of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  B.S., Abilene Christian University; M.A., California State Polytechnic.
Carolyn Anderson, Assistant Professor of Business; Associate Program Director-Masters in Business Administration
  B.S., M.B.A., Indiana University.
Mark Bartel, Associate Professor of Music; Director-Choral Music
  B.R.S., Concord College; B.A., University of Winnipeg; M.M., M.S.M, Southern Methodist University; D.M.A., Eastman School of Music-University of Rochester.
Kathryn M. Boyle, Professor of Chemistry
  B.A., University of Kansas; Ph.D., University of Iowa. (P. Dan Schultz Distinguished Professor of Chemistry.)
Gary Branum, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  B.S., M.A., University of Texas at Arlington; Ph.D., Texas Christian University.
Michelle Brock, Instructor in English/Humanities
  B.S., B.A., Kansas State University; M.A. Wichita State University.
Max Burson, Professor; Public Services Librarian; Library Director
  B.S.Ed, M.S.Ed., Southwest Missouri State University; M.A., University of Missouri-Columbia.
Brenda Cain, Associate Professor of Education
  B.S., Pittsburg State University; M.E.Ed.S., Wichita State University; Ph.D., University of Minnesota.
Valentina Chappell, Professor of Business and Technology: Program Director-Master of Global Leadership and Management.
  M.S., Voronezh State University; Ph.D., Authority of Higher Attestation Commission at the Council of Ministers, Moscow, Russia.
Connie Corbett-Whittier, Professor of English and Humanities
  B.S. Ed., University of Kansas; M.S., State University College at Buffalo; Ph.D., University of Kansas.
Gerardo de la O, Assistant Professor of Management
  B.S., M.B.A., Monterrey Institute of Technology; M.Sc., University of Michigan; Ph.D., Texas Tech University.
Kathy Delker, Associate Professor, Reference Librarian; Assistant Library Director
  B.A., University of Kansas; M.L.S., Emporia State University; M.B.A., Indiana University.
Stephen Eaves, Professor of Music; Chair of Fine Arts
  B.M.E., Union University; M.M.E., University of Mississippi; D.M.A., University of South Carolina.
Sharon Eicher, Associate Professor of Economics
  B.A., Columbia University at Barnard College; M.A., University of London; M.A., University of Wisconsin; M.A. University of Kansas; Ph.D., Kansas State University.
Gretchen Eick, Professor of History
  B.A., Kalamazoo College; M.A., Northwestern University, Ph.D., University of Kansas.
Janet Eubank, Assistant Professor of Education
  B.A., Wichita State University; M.A., Friends University.
Sarah Evans, Professor of Biology
  B.S., University of California-Riverside; Ph.D., Ohio State University.
Jason Ferguson, Associate Professor of Business and Information Technology and Computer Information Systems; Program Director-Computer Information Systems (DCP); Program Director-Master of Management Information Systems
  B.S., Friends University; M.I.S., Friends University; Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University.
Russell Fox, Associate Professor of Political Science
  B.A., M.A., Brigham Young University; Ph.D., Catholic University of America.
Joan Gallagher, Instructor of English Composition
  B.A., Regis College; M.S., Boston University.
Dona R. Gibson, Dean of the Graduate School (interim), Professor of Education and Psychology, Program Director-Master of Arts in Teaching; Chair of the Graduate Division of Arts, Education, and Science
  B.S., Friends University; M.Ed., Wichita State University; Ph.D., Kansas State University.
Richard L. Gibson, Professor of Education
  B.A., Washburn University; M.Ed., Wichita State University; Ph.D., Kansas State University.
Christopher M. Habben, Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy; Associate Program Director-Master of Science in Family Therapy-Lenexa
  B.A., Hope College; M.S., M.A., Fuller Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
Malcolm Harris, Professor of Finance
  B.A., Canisius College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Connecticut.
Stanley Harstine, Professor of Religion; Chair of Division of Religion and Humanities
  B.S., Kansas State University; M.Div., Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Baylor University.
Robert Harvey, Assistant Professor of Business; Program Director-Master of Health Care Leadership
  B.S., M.S., Friends University
Rolaine Hetherington, Assistant Professor of Music/Applied Voice
  B.A., Hendrix College; M.M.Ed., M.M., Louisiana State University.
Marvin Hinten, Professor of English
  B.S., M.A., University of Missouri; Ph.D., Bowling Green State University.
Lisa Hittle, Assistant Professor of Music
  B.M., Kansas State University; B.M.E., M.M.,Wichita State University.
Arlen Honts, Professor of Business; Chair of Division of Business and Information Technology
  B.S., MBA, University of Oklahoma; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University.
Megan Hughes-Zarzo, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Director-honors Program
  B.A., Friends University; M.A. Kansas State University.
Jennifer Jay, Assistant Professor of Social Sciences
  B.A., Wichita State University; M.M.F.T., Abilene Christian University.
Jay Johnson, Associate Professor of Business; Program Director-Master of Business Administration; Chair of the Graduate Division of Business, Technology and Leadership
  B.A., Truman State University; M.B.A., William Woods University; Ed.D., University of Missouri.
David Jones, Assistant Professor, Program Director-Accounting (DCP)
  B.S., Central Michigan University; M.P.A, Wichita State University.
Christian Kettler, Professor of Theology and Philosophy; Program Director-Master of Arts in Christian Ministry
  B.A., Friends University; M.A., M. Div., Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary.
James D. Knight, Assistant Professor of Business; Program Director-Business Management (DCP)
  B.S., Friends University; M.B.A., Central State University; Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University
James H. Knight, Assistant Professor of Piano
  B.M., Friends University; M.M., D.M.A., Manhattan School of Music.
William T. (Ted) Krone, Professor of Art; Director-Art
  B.S., Fort Hays State University; M.F.A., Wichita State University.
Toni Libhart, Assistant Professor of Music and Percussion
  B.M., B.M.E. M.M.E., Wichita State University.
Dan Lord, Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy
  B.A., University of Kansas; M.Div., Saint Paul School of Theology; Ph.D., Boston University.
William A. Lybarger, Professor of Business
  B.S.E., M.S.E., Arkansas State University; Ph.D., St. Louis University.
Alan D. Maccarone, Professor of Biology
  B.A., The State University of New York; M.S., Memorial University of Newfoundland; M.S., Ph.D., Rutgers-The University of New Jersey.
Dixie Madden, Professor of Law; Director, Garvey Institute of Law, Program Director-Master of Business Law.
  B.S., Kansas State University; J.D., Ohio State University; LL.M. New York University.
James Maddox, Professor of Business; Program Director, Master of Science in Organizational Development
  B.A., Benedictine College; M.S., University of Nebraska of Omaha; Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Lillian Martell, Visiting Lecturer of Communications and Journalism
  B.S., Kansas State University; M.A., University of Oklahoma.
Patrick Mathews, Associate Professor of Biology; Director-Zoo Science
  B.A., M.S., Northeast Missouri State University; Ph.D., University of Arkansas.
Joseph Myers, Assistant Professor of Sciene and Mathematics, Assistant Director of the Student Academic Resource Center
  B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Wichita State University
Jennifer Nelson, Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy; Clinical Co-Director-Family Therapy Program-Lenexa
  B.A., Northwestern College; M.S., Northern Illinois University; Ph.D., Purdue University.
Tim Nelson, Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy; Clinical Co-Director-Family Therapy Program-Lenexa
  B.A., Marquette University; M.A., Xavier University; M.S., Colorado State University; Ph.D., Purdue University.
Dennis Obermeyer, Professor of Physical Education
  B.S., Peru State College; M.S.Ed., Northwest Missouri State University; Ed.D., University of Missouri-Columbia.
Carol O’Hara, Assistant Professor of English; Director-Writing/Academic Resource Center
  B.A., M.Ed, Wichita State University.
Charles L. Parker, Associate Professor of Drama; Director-Theater
  B.A., Harding College; M.A., Harding Graduate School of Religion; M.A., Memphis State University; Ph.D., Southern Illinois University.
Edmond Pearson, Associate Professor of Business
  B.A., Fordham University; MMIS, Friends University; J. D., President’s College School of Law.
Nichole L. Pendleton, Assistant Professor of Accounting
  B.S., M.Acc., Kansas State University
Kurt Priebe, Assistant Professor of Drama and Media
  B.A., Sterling College; M.A., Regent University.
Daniel Racer, Assistant Professor of Music
  B.M.E., Southwestern Oklahoma State University; M.M., Wichita State University.
Steven W. Rathbun, Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy, Program Director-Master of Science in Family Therapy.
  B.A., Mid-America Nazarene College; M.A., University of Northern Colorado; Ph.D., Kansas State University.
John Rhodes, Associate Professor of Education
  B.S., Florida State University; M.S. Troy State University; Ph.D., University of Florida.
J. Michelle Robertson, Program Director (Interim for Fall 2012), Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy; Clinical Director-Family Therapy Program-Wichita
  B.A., Midwestern State University; M.M.F.T., Abilene Christian University; Ph.D., University of Louisiana.
Stan K. Rogers, Associate Professor of Dance; Director-Ballet
  B.F.A., Wichita State University; M.A., Columbia University.
Vicki Ronn, Instructor of English
  B.A., St. Mary of the Plains; M.A., Fort Hays State University.
Elizabeth G. Ross, Assistant Professor of Marketing
  A.B., Mt. Holyoke College; M.S.W., The University of Oklahoma; M.B.A., Wichita State University.
Al Saber, Professor of Business and Information Technology
  B.S., University of Isfahan, Iran; M.S., Ph.D, University of Oklahoma
Mark Sanborn, Professor of Management and Computer Information Systems
  B.S., Park College; M.A., Webster University; Ed.D., Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University.
Natalie Savage, Instructor of Organizational Management and Leadership; Program Director-Organizational Management and Leadership (DCP)
  B.A., Washburn University; M.A., Wichita State University; M.A., Mid-America Nazarene University.
Karen Scroggins, Assistant Professor of Graphic Arts
  B.F.A., Phillips University; M.S., Newman University.
Kathy Slemp, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management; Program Director-Human Resource Management (DCP).
  B.B.A., Wichita State University; M.S., Kansas State University; Ph.D., Capella University
Jerry T. Smartt, Professor of Spanish; Director-Foreign Languages
  B.A., University of Texas; M.Ed., M.A., Ph.D., Wichita State University.
Brenda Smith, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  B.A., Baylor University; M.A., Southwest Missouri State University.
Jim Smith, Associate Professor of Religion; Director-Christian Spiritual Formation Institute
  B.A., Friends University; M.Div., Yale University Divinity School; D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary.
Paul Smith, Assistant Professor of Applied Music/Voice
  B.M., M.M., Roosevelt University; D.M.A., University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign.
Ervin Stanley, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  B.A., Friends University; M.A., Ball State University
Nora Strasser, Professor of Mathematics; Chair of Division of Natural Science and Mathematics
  B.S., M.A., University of South Dakota; Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University.
Donna Stuber, Professor of Human Services/Psychology
  B.S., Missouri Western State College; M.S., Emporia State University; Ph.D., Kansas State University.
John W. Taylor, Professor of Music; Director-Music Education and Instrumental Music
  B.M.E., Bowling Green State University; M.M.E., Indiana University; Ph.D., Ohio State University.
Richard Teter, Associate Professor of Computer Science
  B.A., Wichita State University; B.S., Oral Roberts University; M.S., Friends University; Ph.D., Kansas State University.
Karyn Turla, Professor of Biology
  B.S., Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D., University of Michigan.
Manuel Urrutia-Zarzo, Assistant Professor of Spanish
  M.A., Kansas State University.
Janell (Jan) Wilson, Professor of Education; Chair of Division of Education; Director-Teacher Education
  B.S., Oklahoma State University; M.S., Wichita State University; Ph.D., Kansas State University.
Tor Wynn, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminology
  B.A., Oakland University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Iowa.
Guangqiu Xu, Professor of History
  B.A., M.A., Sun Yat-sen University; Ph.D., University of Maryland.

Academic Administrators and Adjunct Program Directors

Jeremy Gallegos, Associate Dean, College of Adult and Professional Studies
  B.A., mcl, Wichita State University; M.A., Ph.D., Purdue University.
Susan Erlenwein, Adjunct Program Director-Master of Science in Environmental Studies.
  B.A., University of South Florida; M.S., Wichita State University; M.S., Friends University.
Farhad Tadayon, Adjunct Program Director-Master of Science in Operations Management
  B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Wichita State University.


Emeriti Faculty

Robert Leroy Brightup, Emeritus
  A.B., Friends University; B.D., Nazarene Theological Seminary; Th.D., Iliff School of Theology.
C.G. Chacko, Emeritus
  B.A., Azusa College; M.A., San Diego State College; M.S., University of Oregon.
G. Robert Dove, Emeritus
  B.S., M.S., Pittsburg State University; Ph.D., Kansas State University.
Vivian Fleming, Emerita
  A.B., Friends University; M.M.E., University of Oklahoma.
John P. Freedlun, Emeritus
  B.S., Ph.D., Kansas State University; M.S., Wichita State University.
Harold Friesen, Emeritus
  B.S., M.S., Mankato State University; Ed.D., Oklahoma State University.
Willard Dale Goodrich, Emeritus
  B.A., M.S., Wichita State University; Ed.D., University of Arkansas.
Wayne L. Howdeshell, Emeritus
  B.A., Friends University; M.A., Wichita State University; Ph.D., Oklahoma State University.
Marilyn Jones, Emerita
  B.S., Wichita State Unviersity; M.S., Emporia State University.
Ann Marie Miller, Emerita
  B.M., Oberlin College; M.M. New England Conservatory.
Philip Nagley, Emeritus
  Curator of Museum; B.S., Wilmington College; M.A., Columbia University; Honorary Doctorate in Humanities, Friends University.
Raymond S. Nelson, Emeritus
  B.Th., Trinity Seminary and Bible College; B.A., M.A., University of Minnesota; Ph.D., University of Nebraska.
Cecil J. Riney, Emeritus
  B.M., Friends University; M.M.E., University of Kansas; D.M.A., University of Southern California. (Lewis M. and Selma M. Miller Distinguished Professor of Music.)
Kjersti Swanson, Emerita
  A.B., Friends University; M.S., University of Oklahoma.
David Weber, Emeritus  (Posthumous)
  B.M., M.M., University of Cincinnati; D.M.A., University of Missouri-Kansas City.


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