2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
    Sep 27, 2022  
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Teaching and Learning or Special Education, MEd

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The Master of Education degree at Friends University has two majors: Teaching and Learning and Licensure in Special Education. Majors focus on practical application of classroom learning-teaching skills, student advocacy meeting the learning and assessment needs of all students, and educational leadership in an increasingly complex global society.  To complete a Master of Education degree, the candidate will complete 30 credit hours of course work to include a professional core of six (6) courses or eighteen (18) required credit hours. The remaining twelve (12) credit hours needed for program completion will be fulfilled with approved Friends University Graduate workshop credits, some of which are specified within the Major Requirements section.

The Special Education program results in high incidence licensure. The portfolio workshop requirement for that major will be completed as part of the course SPED 650 Practicum to fulfill KSDE licensure requirements. 

Students must complete all graduate degree requirements within five (5) years of their first course registration.


Courses are 3 credit hours and are offered in eight-week terms one night a week on ground or online.

Admission Requirements

All forms must be on file in the Admissions Office prior to the start of the master’s degree program. In addition to the requirements stated under the Graduate Admissions Policy, the requirements for admission to Master of Education degree are as follows:

  1. Baccalaureate or graduate degree in education from a regionally accredited institution with courses completed to satisfy state requirements for licensure with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.  Well-prepared, advanced Friends University Undergraduate students (with 90 credit hours and a CGPA of 3.0) may apply.
  2. Two letters of recommendation: one from another educator and one from a school administrator.
  3. Completion of program interview process and written approval of admission by the program director after review of admission requirements.
  4. A teaching license. 

*Seniors Earning Graduate Credit in the Special Education Program: see Academic Policies

NOTE: In order to graduate with a master’s degree in Teaching and Learning or Special Education all undergraduate graduation requirements must be satisfied.

Degree Awarded

Master of Education


Dona Gibson
Division of Education

Choose a Major Core

Teaching and Learning Additional Requirements: 12 credit hours

Choose 12 credit hours of Friends University Workshop or approved electives, including:

EDUC 5358 - MEd Portfolio: Completed during the final term of the student’s program to address specific end of program portfolio requirements that must be fulfilled in order to finalize the program of study.


Special Education High Incidence Additional Requirements: 12 credit hours

Choose 12 credit hours of Friends University Workshop or approved electives.

Additional Degree Requirement

An electronic portfolio will be assessed by the faculty and outside evaluators as a graduation requirement. A minimum score must be achieved to pass the portfolio requirements.

Total Degree Requirements: 30 credit hours

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