2013-2014 Academic Catalog 
    May 24, 2018  
2013-2014 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Christian Ministry, M.A.

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM) program and the courses are foundational, providing basic preparation for informed Christian service and for additional graduate-level theological education.

The degree is a 36-hour program with a 21- hour common core curriculum. In addition, students elect 15 hours, which may provide focused preparation. Some options include a practicum and a thesis or final project. For students who graduate from Friends University with certain Religion/Philosophy majors, there is a modified program, which requires only 30-33 hours for completion of the degree. (Consult the Director for details.)


The coursework is offered in seven, eight-week classes with students pursuing only one course at a time. Core classes meet four hours one night per week, plus four hours on two Saturdays per course or eight hours on one Saturday (40 contact hours).

The core courses are offered sequentially in four, seven- or eight-week courses the first year (end of August-May) and three during the second year (the end of August-March). Students may enroll in 6 hours of work in their area of interest during the summer months. The balance of the program (9 hours) may be completed following the last core course in the second year. The 36-hour program is designed to be completed in two calendar years. A student may not extend program enrollments beyond five years.

Degree Awarded

Master of Arts


Dr. Chris Kettler, Program Director
Christian Ministry


In addition to the requirements stated under the Graduate Admissions Policy, the requirements for admission to the MACM are as follows:

  1. Two letters of recommendation.
  2. Completion of program interview process.
  3. The Bible Tutor Self-Test will be administered as a required admissions requirement to the MACM program. Those students who achieve a sub-standard result, defined as below 80 percent accuracy, will be requested to purchase the Bible Tutor CD-rom (approximately $50) in order to prepare to retake the exam while in the program.
  4. Written approval of admission by the program director after review of the admission requirements.


Students pursuing the MACM degree program may apply for up to 6 hours of graduate credit where significant and effective experience parallel to course requirements can be validated. Such credit must be requested and validated in written form and the University’s standard fee for Experiential Learning credit applies. No more than a combined total of 6 hours of transfer credit and Experiential Learning credit can be accepted.


A variety of short-term workshops are certified for graduate credit applicable to the MACM degree program. A limited number of these may be utilized to meet electives and certain required courses in the MACM program where the workshop content is consistent with the requirement. Enrollment and fees are submitted to the MACM office of the University. Credit enrollment requires assigned reading and/or other related work before and/or after the workshop experience.


A limited number of MACM audit enrollments are permitted in regularly scheduled classes with the instructor’s consent and where room in the class exists. The Audit option is not open for Directed Study and Independent Study enrollments. The cost for Audit enrollment is noted on the current year fee schedule. Audit enrollments must submit an application and must be interviewed by the program director. Transcripts do not need to be submitted for admission. Audit enrollments do not qualify for financial aid.


  1. Credit Enrollment
    A limited number of students not enrolled in the degree program may, with prior approval, register for an individual core course for credit. Such students must submit the regular application and transcripts and be eligible for admission to the program.
  2. Graduate Certificate in Ministry Studies
    Available for the student who does not need or want a master’s degree but desires biblical and theological training in order to better equip one’s self for Christian service. Students must satisfactorily complete 21 hours of the regular courses offered in the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry program. Eighteen of the 21 hours must be from the core curriculum. The additional three hours may be from the core curriculum or from one of the regularly offered courses in one of the specializations (Christian service, biblical studies, family ministry and church music).
  3. Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Formation
    This certificate non-degree program is for the professional and non-professional ministry student who desires an introduction to the study, process, experience and necessary skills of ministry in spiritual formation. Students must satisfactorily complete 18 hours of core courses for the MACM Spiritual Formation specialization area, plus the course Study and Prayer in Retreat. The Certificate program begins each program year starting with the module, Spiritual Formation. Students in the Spiritual Formation Certificate program must follow the course itinerary as listed.

Admission Requirements and Academic Standards
Students interested in certificate programs must meet MACM admission standards and maintain the same level of academic performance. Courses taken for the certificate
program can be transferred into a degree program.

The tuition will be the current rate in the year in which a module is taken. Fees will be the same as those charged to degree bound students except that no graduation fee will
be charged.


Applicants 30 years or older without a college degree may be admitted and enrolled as a “Personal Enrichment” student in regularly scheduled MACM classes. The intent of this option is to permit older intellectually alert students the benefit of participating in ministry enhancing learning opportunities.

Audit enrollment is open to those admitted, and credit enrollment is open to those who score well on a standard English exam. Neither Directed Study nor Independent
Study is open to the “Personal Enrichment” student. General requirements for classes, including standards for grading, are identical for all students enrolled for credit. All students should submit the regular graduate application and fees. Those approved by the program director for credit enrollments should also submit transcripts and recommendations.

No “Personal Enrichment” student is eligible for a graduate degree, but a “Certificate of Ministry Studies” will be awarded to the student completing credit enrollment in the seven core courses (21 hours). Credit hours earned as a “Personal Enrichment” student may be applied as “college hours” toward undergraduate programs offered at Friends University to the extent the hours and courses are applicable to any particular program.

Additional Degree Requirement:

Successful completion of the Bible Tutor Self-Test (80% accuracy score or better).

Choose an Area of Specialization: 15 credit hours

Christian Service:

Any 15 hours of religion-related graduate level electives with approval of program director.

Choose one of the following:

Total Degree Requirements: 36 credit hours