2013-2014 Academic Catalog 
    Apr 24, 2018  
2013-2014 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Management Information Systems, M.I.S.

The Master of Management Information Systems (MMIS) is a professional degree that is designed to provide students with the technical and business skills to advance their careers in information systems - the fastest growing sector in the economy according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  During the program of study, students focus on the strategic role that information systems play in a business organization.  Students gain the knowledge and experience needed to assume a leadership position in the information systems field.  With emphasis on current research activities in the field of information systems, the MMIS program offers current topical studies that enable students to understand complex and dynamic environments in which information systems are used.

This program blends academic theory with a practical hands-on experience that is designed to enhance a student’s ability to create and manage information systems, processes, and services that give organizations a competitive edge.  The MMIS program suppors both traditional and emerging career opportunities in information systems.  Management of information is core to virtually all sizes and types of organizations and industries, thus an MMIS degree expands job opporunities for program graduates.

A continuous curriculum review process maintains topical alignment with professional societies and industry needs in the information systems field.  The MMIS curriculum accommodates rapid changes in the field of information systems through this continuous alignment proccess.

The Information Security and Forensics track expands the options available for graduate study.  The concentration consists of 7 core MIS courses and 5 concentration courses that emphasize information security and privacy, computer forensics, system security and network security.


Most courses are offered in eight-week time frames, one night a week or online.  Students earn three hours of credit for each course completed.


Master of Management Information Systems


The Graduate School


In addition to the requirements stated under the Graduate Admissions Policy, the requirements for admission to MMIS are as follows:

  1. Letter of recommendation from employer or professional reference.
  2. Completion of program interview process and written approval of admission by the program director after review of the admission requirements.

Total Major Requirements: 36 hours

Combined Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Masters in Management Information Systems (MMIS)

This combined degree program is intended to provide academically talented students an opportunity to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree in a shorter period of time.  The program allows students to obtain dual credit, thus reducing the time it would normally take to graduate.  The combined degree program reduces the cost of both degrees and enhances student’s marketability for career advancement.

Students must meet all MMIS Admissions requirements.

Once students have been accepted into the combined BS & MMIS degree program, the students will have the ability to concurrently enroll in the following three 3-credit Masters level courses to complete their bachelor’s degree: 

  • MIS 510 Management Information Systems - 3 credit hours
  • MIS 525 Research Methods in MIS - 3 credit hours
  • MIS 530 Systems Analysis and Design - 3 credit hours

NOTE:  Graduate level courses will not be considered as substitutions for undergraduate CIS program courses.  Undergraduate students must successfully complete all of the required major coursework in the CIS program to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems.

Upon successful completion, these three 3-credit Master’s level courses will be substituted for the student’s final three 3-credit hour undergraduate level courses, thus completing the student’s undergraduate degree requirements.

Course credit earned will be transcripted at the academic level at which the course is taken.

If the student does not continue on to graduate school, the coursework taken will still satisfy undergraduate degree requirements.

Please consult the Program Director or Academic Advising for further information on this program.

Information Security and Forensics Certificate

Upon completion of 9 credit hours as noted, students will be awarded a certificate.  Certificate must be completed within 5 years of the start date of program coursework and are subject to any/all other academic policy requirements in effect at the time of student enrollment.  Students must earn a grade of B or better in each course to be awarded a certificate.