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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Board of Trustees, Cabinet and Faculty

The University was founded in 1898 by the Society of Friends (better known as the Quakers) who operated the University until the 1930s. The governance of the institution was then turned over to an independent Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees

Mr. Gil Alvarez - Wichita, Kansas

Deputy Superintendent, Wichita Public Schools

BOT Member since 2021


Mr. Craig Bay - Goddard, Kansas

Plant Construction Manager, Kyodo Youshi Manufacturing Americas

BOT Member since 2020


Mr. Robert Casper - Wichita, Kansas

President and CEO, POET Ethanol Products

BOT Member since 2016


Mr. Brent Edmisten - Wichita, Kansas

Vice President, Excel Industries, Inc.

BOT Member since 2019


Mrs. Lynn Ghormley - Benton, Kansas

Retired, Music Education

BOT Member since 2014


Mr. Kevin Henderson - Wichita, Kansas

Paper Broker, National Fiber Supply Co.

BOT Member since 2015


Dr. John Lewis - Wichita, Kansas

Dentist, Wichita Dental Group, PA

BOT Member since 2022


Mrs. Jana McDaniel - Wichita, Kansas

Vice President, Even Temp of Wichita

BOT Member since 2022


Mr. Alex Melugin - Wichita, Kansas

Vice President and Partner, Phoenix Home Care & Hospice

BOT Member since 2022


Mrs. Regina Miller - Wichita, Kansas

Owner/Director, Trailblazers Academy

BOT Member since 2020


Mr. Paul Moore - Wichita, Kansas

Senior Portfolio Manager, INTRUST Bank

BOT Member since 2015


Mr. James Nagy - McKinney, Texas

Executive Vice President, GM Financial

BOT Member since 2017


Mr. Jeff Ramsey - Wichita, Kansas

President & CEO, Flint Hill Resources

BOT Member since 2016


Mrs. Renae Ryan - Wichita, Kansas

Business Owner, Ryan Companies

BOT Member since 2016


Mr. Matt Shepherd - Wichita, Kansas

Associate Regional Director, Young Life

BOT Member since 2021


Dr. Thayne Thompson - Wichita, Kansas

Executive Superintendent,  Evangelical Friends Church Mid-America

BOT Member since 2020


Dr. Kent Walkemeyer - La Habra, California

Assoc. Professor of Ministry; Friends Center Director, Azusa Pacific University

BOT Member since 2019


Mrs. Vickie Young Beam - Newark, Delaware

Principal, CPA, Cover & Rossiter

BOT Member since 2021


Dr. Amy Bragg Carey - Wichita, Kansas

President, Friends University

BOT Member since 2015


Executive Committee

Dr. Amy Bragg Carey - Wichita, Kansas, University President

Dr. Thayne Thompson, Chair - Wichita, Kansas

Dr. John Lewis, Vice Chair - Andover, Kansas

Mr. Bob Casper, Treasurer - Wichita, Kansas

Mrs. Lynn Ghormley, Secretary - Benton, Kansas

Mr. Kevin Henderson - Wichita, Kansas

Mr. Paul Moore - Wichita, KS

Mr. James Nagy - McKinney, Texas

Mr. Jeff Ramsey - Wichita, Kansas

Dr. Kenton Walkemeyer, La 

President’s Cabinet

Dr. Amy Bragg Carey, University President

Brie Boulanger, Vice President of Advancement and Marketing

Dr. Guy Chmieleski, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Campus Ministries

Vernon Dolezal, Vice President of Administration and Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Rob Ramseyer, Associate Vice President of Athletics and Strategic Expansion

Dr. Ken Stoltzfus, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Academic Dean

Dr. Preston Todd, Vice President of Enrollment Management

President’s Cabinet Council

Case Bell, Director of Inclusion and International Student Services

Rachel Millard, Senior Director of Marketing

Crystal Roach, Senior Director of Enrollment Management and Recruiting

Roger Scales, Senior Director of Information Technology

Dr. Brent Yoder, Associate Academic Dean

Teaching Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

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Emeritus Faculty

Bill Allan, B.S., Abilene Christian University; M.A., Cal Polytech State University

Dr. Kathryn Boyle, B.A., University of Kansas; Ph. D. University of Iowa (P. Dan Schultz Distinguished Professor of Chemistry).

Dr. Robert Leroy Brightup, A.B., Friends University; B.D., Nazarene Theological Seminary; Th.D., Iliff School of Theology.

Max Burson, B.S.Ed, M.S.Ed., Southwest Missouri State University; M.A., University of Missouri.

Dr. Brenda Cain, B.S. Pittsburg State University; M.E.Ed.S, Wichita State University; Ph.D., University of Minnesota.

C. G. Chacko, B.A., Azusa College; M.A., San Diego State College; M.S., University of Oregon.

Dr. Valentina Chappell, M.Ed., Voronezh State University (Russia); Ph.D., Authority of Higher Attestation Commission at the Council of Ministers, Moscow, Russia.

Dr. G. Robert Dove, EB.S., M.S., Pittsburg State University; Ph.D., Kansas State University.

Dr. Gretchen Eick, EB.A., Kalamazoo College; M.A., Northwestern University, Ph.D., University of Kansas.

Dr. Harold Friesen, B.S., M.S., Mankato State University; Ed.D., Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Dona Gibson, B.S., Friends University; M.Ed., Wichita State University; Ph.D., Kansas State University

Dr. Richard Gibson, B.F.A., Washburn University; M.Ed., Wichita State University; Ph.D. Kansas State University.

Dr. Malcolm Harris, B.A., Canisius College; Ph.D., University of Connecticut.

Dr. Marv Hinten, B.S., M. A., University of Missouri; Ph. D. Bowling Green State University.

Lisa Hittle, B.M., Kansas State University; B.MEd., Wichita State University; M.M., Wichita State University.

Dr. Wayne L. Howdeshell, B.A., Friends University; M.A., Wichita State University; Ph.D., Oklahoma State University.

Marilyn Jones, B.S., Wichita State University; M.S., Emporia State University.

Dr. Christian Kettler, B.A., Friends University; M.A., MDiv, and Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary

Ted Krone, B.A., Fort Hays State University; M.F.A., Wichita State University.

Dr. James Knight, B.S., Friends University; M.B.A., University of Central Oklahoma; Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University

Toni Libhart, BME, BFA, and MME; Wichita State University

Dr. Dan Lord, B.A., University of Kansas; MDiv, St Paul School of Theology; Ph.D., Boston University

Ann Marie Miller, B.M., Oberlin College; M.M. New England Conservatory.

Carol O’Hara, B.A., M.Ed., Wichita State University.

Dr. Charles Parker, B.A., Harding University; M.A., Harding School of Theology, M.A., University of Memphis; Ph.D., SIU-Carbondale

Dr. Steven Rathbun, B.A., MidAmerica Nazarene University; M.A., University of Northern Colorado; Ph.D., Kansas State University

Dr. John Rhodes, B.S., Florida State University; M.S., Troy University, and Ph.D., University of Florida

Dr. Cecil J. Riney, B.M., Friends University; M.M.E., University of Kansas; D.M.A., University of Southern California. (Lewis M. and Selma M. Miller Distinguished Professor of Music.).

Stan Rogers, B.F.A., Wichita State University; M.A., Columbia University

Elizabeth G. Ross, A.B., Mt. Holyoke College; M.S.W., The University of Oklahoma; M.B.A., Wichita State University.

Dr. Al Saber, B.S., University of Isfahan, Iran; M.S., Ph.D., University of Oklahoma.

Dr. Kathy Slemp, B.B.A., Wichita State University; M.S., Kansas State University; Ph.D., Capella University.

Dr. Donna Stuber, B.S., Missouri Western State College; M.S. Emporia State University; Ph.D., Kansas State University.

Dr. John Taylor, B.M.E., Bowling Green State University; M.M.E., Indiana University; Ph.D., Ohio State University.

Dr. Richard Teter, B.S., Oral Roberts University; M.M.I.S., Friends University; Ph.D., Kansas State University