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2016-2017 Academic Catalog 
2016-2017 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Student Services Information


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For more than 100 years, this institution has provided students the opportunity to reach their educational goals and career aspirations by creating programs and student-oriented services that meet their needs. The following information is a summary of the services available to assist students in meeting their academic goals.

Contact Friends University

Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(Fridays in Late May, June & July: 8 a.m. to noon) 

Wichita - 316-295-5000

Greater Kansas City - Lenexa - 913-233-8700

Other Locations - 800-794-6945

Contacting Us Online For more information on any of the following services, please visit the Friends University Web site at www.friends.edu.

Academic Computing Center

Location: Olive White Garvey Business and Technology Building, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-LABS (5227)

Wichita Email: acomp@friends.edu

Lenexa: 913-233-8700 or 1-800-794-6945, ext. 5767

Lenexa Email: labsne@friends.edu

The Academic Computing Center, located in the Olive White Garvey Business and Technology Building in Wichita, is comprised of eight computer labs, which include an open lab, group lab, MacIntosh lab, and networking lab. Wireless laptop labs are available in Topeka and Lenexa to accommodate students. All computers are equipped with a variety of software programs, Internet and e-mail access to assist students.

The Technology Development Center (TDC) is available to Wichita students and faculty. Technology Resource Centers (TRCs) are available in Topeka and Lenexa for student and faculty use. Additional equipment, such as scanners and CD burners, is also available.

All labs are equipped with a variety of software programs, Internet and e-mail access. Academic Computing Centers constitute an essential element of Friends University with more than 200 computers to serve our students. Individual tutoring is available at all locations upon request.

Students are expected to follow the Internet and Network Usage Policy.


Academic Success Coaching

Location: CAPS/IS Facility, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5435

Email: capsadvising@friends.edu

Greater Kansas City, Lenexa: 316-295-5435

Success Coaching Philosophy

The Academic Success Coaches for the College of Adult and Professional Studies at Friends University provide proactive academic advising and guidance for adult students in the College. The advisors’ goal is for each student to experience a successful transition to college life and academic achievement. CAPS academic success coaches work cooperatively with students to prepare an academic plan that supports the academic, personal, and career goals of each student.  Most importantly the success coach serves as the student advocate.

Success Coaching Activities

The CAPS Academic Success Coaches encourage all adult students to visit with their advisor on a regular basis, especially for the following activities: orientation, transcript evaluation, enrollment, course add/drops, career/major assessments, referrals, leaves of absence, degree checks, Intent to Graduate forms, etc. In addition to regular contact via phone, office visits and email, CAPS success coaches will visit with each student at least once every term and often during the student’s academic career.

Students wishing to enroll online must visit with their Success Coach each term to review their academic plan and to receive their Alternate Personal Identification Number (AltPIN) which is necessary to perform online enrollment.


Location: Garvey Physical Education Center, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5700 or 800-794-6945

Email: athletics@friends.edu

The University competes in athletics at the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) level and is a member of the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference (KCAC). Men’s intercollegiate sports include soccer, football, basketball, baseball, tennis, track/cross country and cheer. Women’s intercollegiate sports include volleyball, tennis, soccer, basketball, track/cross country, golf, cheer and softball. Home competitions are free to all Friends students with valid Friends University Student ID card.


Location: Casado Campus Center, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5869 or 800-794-6945

Email: bookstore@friends.edu

Students can purchase all their textbooks through the Bookstore, located in the lower level of the Casado Campus Center.

Campus Life and Activities

Location: Casado Campus Center, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5832 or 800-794-6945, ext. 6945

Email: reslife@friends.edu

Student involvement plays an integral part of the complete education of Friends University students. Focusing on the “out-of-classroom” components of the collegiate experience, the staff provides opportunities for students to join our community through activities that contribute to their social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical and vocational growth and development.

Campus Ministries

Location: Davis Administration Building, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5746 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5746

Email: campusministries@friends.edu

Friends University Campus Ministries’ staff is available to help students with spiritual needs. The department offers a wide variety of activities for students to participate in: mission trips, retreats, spiritual discussion groups and leadership opportunities.

Career Services

Location: Center for Student Success, Davis Administrative Building, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5832 or 800-794-6949, ext. 5832

Email: career@friends.edu

The Career Services office provides current students and Friends University alumni with current information and resources related to career planning and the job search process. Career Services offers various career assessments, which can be administered both on-line and in office. Assistance with resume writing, interview skills and networking is available. Career Services also maintains an on-line job posting system, which allows individuals to access job opportunities that have been posted with our institution. Students and graduates are encouraged to visit the Career Services Web site where a variety of resources and on-line services are available.

Casado Campus Center

Location: Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5832 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5832

Email: casado@friends.edu

The Casado Campus Center is the focus of student life on the Wichita campus, providing a supportive environment of social and recreational activities. The Casado Campus Center is the home to a full-service cafeteria, snack bar, bookstore, Student Government Association, Orientation, Counseling Services, Intramurals, Recreation Cheerleading, Pep Band, and the International Student office.

Cashier Services

Location: Sumpter Hall, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5865 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5865

Email: cashier@friends.edu

Students may make payments at the Cashier’s Office in Sumpter Hall on the Wichita campus or at the main reception area at our other sites. In Wichita students may cash checks for up to $50 with the cashier. Paychecks for student employees are also available at the cashier. 


Community Service

Location: Community and Residential Development, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5500 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5500

Email: reslife@friends.edu

Community Service is an integral part of the Friends University educational and extracurricular experience.  Several programs and initiatives are offered for students interested in giving their time and talents to local, regional, national, and even international causes and organizations.  Activities include monthly service projects, service referrals, alternative break service trips, volunteer hours incentive program, volunteer listserv, and National Volunteer Week programming. 

Counseling Services - Friends University

Location: Casado Campus Center, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5675 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5675

Email: counseling@friends.edu

Friends University Student Counseling Services provide free mental health services for Friends University students.  Confidential counseling sessions are offered for a variety of reasons including but not limited to, depression, anxiety, stress management, anger problems and adjustment issues.  The office also offers educational programs and workshops.  A free and anonymous online screening is available 24 hours-a-day and is provide to find out, in just a few minutes, if a professional consultation might be helpful.  Appointments may be made by calling the office.

Center on Family Living (CFL), Wichita and Lenexa

Phone: Wichita, 316-295-5638

Lenexa: 913-236-6794

Email: Wichita, cflwi@friends.edu

Lenexa: cflkc@friends.edu

Wichita: The Friends University Marriage & Family Therapy program provides therapy services at the Center on Family Living in a confidential setting for students dealing with individual, couple, family or child problems. Friends University students may come to the Center through their own initiative and through referrals from faculty and staff. The first six therapy sessions at the Center are offered to all students at no charge and additional sessions are available at the Center’s sliding-fee scale with a reduced-fee option. Appointments for day, evening or weekend sessions may be scheduled by calling the Center on Family Living.

Lenexa: The Master of Science in Family Therapy graduate program in Lenexa also offers six free therapy sessions to all Friends students. Reduced-fee sessions are available beyond the first six sessions. Additionally, students at the Center on Family Living in Lenexa offer a range of psycho-educational offerings upon request. Information is available through the Center to groups interested in developing educational programs focusing on family and marital issues. Please call the Lenexa site for more information on services.


Davis Communication Center

Location: Davis Administration Building, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5654 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5654

Email: dcc@friends.edu

Davis Communication Center (DCC), located in Davis hall room 104.  DCC is open to students, faculty, and staff. With a wide variety of copy choices from over 30 options of paper color and types, even color and black/white printing, our print center can help make an impression with your printing needs.  DCC also offers finishing services to add a professional edge to any printed material which include lamination, binding, trimming, and even padding. DCC also offers many items up for purchase including any quantity of paper goods, stamps, envelopes, letterhead, note cards and labels. Mailing supplies are available including priority boxes, padded envelopes, package padding and tape.  We are a post office hub where all mailing needs can be met, including Postal, UPS services, and also a Fed-Ex pick up and drop off location.  Any print requests can be made in person or via email.

Dining Services

Location: Casado Campus Center, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5510 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5510

Email: dining@friends.edu

Dining services are provided in the Casado Campus Center through the Dining Room, Jazzman’s Cafe & Bakery, and Sandella’s Flatbread. All residential students and first-time, full-time freshmen in the traditional program are required to purchase a meal plan. Other students, faculty and staff can pay when they eat or purchase a meal plan.

Disability Student Services

Location: Casado Campus Center, Wichita

Phone: 316-259-5878 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5878

Email: ada@friends.edu

University facilities are continually assessed to make sure the needs of disabled students are met. Requests for accommodation should be made to the Disability Services Office. The Assistant Director will assist students in their requests for accommodation and help them obtain other necessary support services.

Diversity Programming/Support Services

Location: Casado Campus Center, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5832 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5832

Email: face@friends.edu

The Friends University Falcon Activities & Campus Events (FACE) Diversity Committee work closely with Campus Life to offer diversity programming and support services to the Friends University community.  All of these entities work together to help faculty, staff and students grow in their knowledge and appreciation of diversity issues.

Financial Aid

Location: Financial Aid Office, Davis Administration Building, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5200 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5200

Email: apply4$@friends.edu

The Financial Aid Office assists students with every aspect of their financial aid process. Staff members evaluate students’ financial aid files, issue award notices, process loan applications and help students obtain information concerning outside scholarships.

Fine Arts

Location: Whittier Fine Arts Center, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5877 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5877

Tickets: 316-295-5677 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5677

Email: finearts@friends.edu

A variety of music, theatre, dance, performance and art exhibits are available to students each year on the Wichita campus. Students may receive one free ticket per event, but you must reserve the ticket ahead of time. Reserve your ticket early to ensure availability. Students should check the Web site calendar for a listing of all fine arts events.

Fitness Facilities

Location: Garvey Physical Education Center, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5700 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5700

Email: athletics@friends.edu

The Garvey Physical Education Center contains basketball courts, racquetball courts, weight room and a multipurpose recreational room. In addition to these facilities, the Hoyt Athletic Field and Lattner Tennis Courts are available for student use. Please contact the Athletic Department for availability and use guidelines.

Honor Society

Alpha Sigma Lambda’s aim is to recognize the special achievements of adults who accomplish academic excellence while facing the competing interests of home and work. The top 20 percent of students in the College of Adult and Professional Studies (with a minimum GPA of 3.5) who have completed a minimum of 24 credit hours at Friends are eligible. At least twelve credit hours of students’ total credits should be earned in courses in Liberal Arts/Sciences.

Identification Cards (ID’s)

Location: Casado Center, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5832 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5832

Email: shera_jones@friends.edu

All community members, including students, faculty and staff must have a Friends University ID.  You can take your picture and obtain your ID from the Student Affairs office on the lower level of the Casado Campus Center.  Your first ID is free.  A fee will be charged for a replacement Student ID card.  Refer to the Fee Schedule for additional information.

International Student Services

Location: Center for Student Success, Casado Campus Center, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5779 or 800794-6945, ext. 5779

Email: internationalservice@friends.edu

The International Student Advising office assists international students in a variety of ways. They advise F-1 and J-1 Visa holding students in all aspects of the student and exchange visitor program guidelines. These guidelines include the issuing of an I-20, maintaining SEVIS records, health insurance and Visa records, employment documentation and enrollment. All of these areas are important to international students who need to “remain in status” while in the United States. It is required for international students to contact the office to update and maintain appropriate documentation.

Intramural and Recreation Programs

Location: Casado Campus Center, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5822 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5822

Email: intramurals@friends.edu

Intramural and Recreation programs at Friends University are designed to provide each student with the opportunity to grow and learn, as well as share in fellowship with others through participation in competition and outdoor activities.  Sports include basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer and softball are just a few of those offered through the course of the year.  Student, staff and faculty participation in intramurals and recreations are viewed as a continuum of the University’s commitment to providing opportunities for emotional, spiritual and social development of all of those who choose to take part.

Library, Edmund Stanley

Location: Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5880 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5880

Email: askmax@friends.edu

Edmund Stanley Library provides its students with more than 100,000 eBooks and on-line databases.  Databases are accessible remotely via the library’s web site and materials not found can be requested through Interlibrary Loan and document delivery.  The library also provided titles in book and journal formats.  The library offers study areas that include two open computer areas, one computer lab, one seminar room, law library, and a small multi-media production/viewing/listening area.  Students are invited to make an appointment with a reference librarian or staff member for any assistance they may need.


Location: Sumpter Hall, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5400 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5400

Fax: 316-295-5072

Transcript Requests: GetMyTranscript.com

Email: registrar@friends.edu

The Registrar’s Office maintains students’ academic records and academic history. The office processes and issues the grades for the University. The Registrar also evaluates a student’s academic record to receive the appropriate degrees. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for enrollment verifications, course registrations and academic transcripts. Transcripts may be requested at the Registrar’s front desk, online or by written request. Please visit the Registrar’s Web site for more information. 


Location: Student Affairs, Wichita

Emergency: 5911 (on campus)

Police: 911

Non Emergency: 316-295-5911 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5911

Email: security@friends.edu

The Department of Security strives to maintain the safety of all members of the Friends University community, its visitors and properties. The department patrols the campus area, enforces parking regulations and responds to emergency situations. It also provides many services to students, faculty, staff and visitors, including unlocking vehicles, escorting individuals and assisting with stalled vehicles. It is the policy of the University that all emergencies be reported immediately by calling Security at 5911 and then calling 911. For non-emergency matters, security personnel can be contacted by calling 316-295-5911 or extension 5911 if calling from a campus phone.

The Jeanne Cleary Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act requires the annual disclosure of security information. The report, along with other security information can be found on the Friends University Web site at www.friends.edu/Security-info. To request a hard copy of this report, please contact the Friends University Security Office at 316-295-5911 or security@friends.edu.

Student Account Services

Location: Sumpter Hall, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5630 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5630

Email: sas@friends.edu

Friends University students may make financial agreements for payment of their educational services in the Student Account Services Office. A representative will work with students, parents or sponsors individually to set up tuition payment plans, arrange for deferral of payment for employer reimbursement or discuss specialized payment arrangements to meet the individual’s needs. Students should contact the Student Account Services Office with any questions concerning their account. 

Writing/Academic Resource Center

Location: Davis Administration Building, Wichita

Phone: 316-295-5204 or 800-794-6945, ext. 5204

Email: writingc@friends.edu

The Writing/Academic Resource Center offers assistance for the three colleges to students in writing, genetics, all levels of biology, chemistry and math, accounting, economics, music theory, and Spanish.  In addition to one-on-one help, students have access to computers as well.  A variety of workshops and study groups are scheduled during each traditional semester to help students in their courses.  Individual help with writing, math and accounting is also available at our Lenexa and Topeka Education Centers.